About us

Bubblebecca Pugs

When I got my first pug Fatima many years ago, I had no idea it was the start of a journey which would lead to Bubblebecca Pugs as it is today. When I added the first few rescue pugs to the grumble I had no intention of becoming a sanctuary and rescue myself, it is something which has evolved over time due to my absolute love of pugs and the power of social media. As the grumble gained more followers, so more pugs in need arrived and I began matching suitable pugs to loving forever homes.
The pugs which make up the grumble today are here for a multitude of reasons. Many are older pugs from the early days who have lived here for years. Some have complex medical needs which required lengthy veterinary care and have become part of the family. Some have had previous owners that were nearing end of life and I was asked to give a forever home and provide peace of mind at the worst of times.
Whilst the welfare of pugs, giving a stable loving forever home when required, providing the best veterinary care and a rehoming service is my primary function, it has become apparent over the years that there is also a powerful and often very moving human aspect to Bubblebecca Pugs. I get messages every day from people thanking me for sharing the lives of the pugs with the world. The grumble and their antics have helped people who are lonely and depressed, given respite from stressful lives, brought joy in times of sadness, helped people connect with their children and grandchildren, forged friendships and created a community for people to belong to and gain comfort from. Every pug in the grumble is somebody's favourite, looked for and picked out in pictures and videos, commented on and talked about, laughed at and loved.
Bubblebecca Pugs is more than just a rescue, more than just a sanctuary, it is a loving worldwide community of amazing people and pugs which I am so proud to be a part of.
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